Erex users



"A chance to measure energy consumption gives us a chance to reduce it"

"Erex provides us with the opportunity to measure energy consumption and thus also the possibility to reduce it. Firstly, we now only pay for actual consumption; secondly, we know where we should focus our efforts to conserve resources. In addition, there is the environmental aspect; we are an environmentally-friendly company, we want to be the best at what we do - which makes us completely dependent on being in control of how we use resources."

Jan Vetle Moen, Advisor Operations Analysis, NSB



"Cross-border cooperation provides crossborder solutions"

"Erex is the only solution for cross-European railway traffic. While other products are designed by a single country for domestic traffic, Erex is designed by a group of countries for international traffic. This also ensures that Erex is always up to date with new standards. By supporting the European legislative framework, Eress partners help develop a joint European solution."

Bart Van der Spiegel, Energy Management, Infrabel



"As a partner, we contribute in setting the standard for future energy settlement systems"

The Norwegian National Rail Administration wants to play an active role in the development for railway solutions of the future. As railway administrators, we are responsible for responding to the authorities' desire for increased competition with systems which facilitate this. Through our position as a partial owner we contribute to set the standard for train settlement systems. Our goal is that Erex will be the preferred system in Europe.

Elisabeth Enger, Director General, the Norwegian National Administration