About Eress

Eress is an open partnership of currently 9 infrastructure managers in Europe. Together, we work for the standardisation of railway energy across borders. We actively work for ensuring that train companies are transparently and correctly invoiced. 


About Eress

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Join us working to ensure transparent energy bills for all train companies in Europe. As a new partner, you will have an equal vote to decide the direction of Eress organisation and its services. 

Even if EU demands it, there are still many countries struggling to ensure accurate and transparent energy invoices to all train companies running in their networks. With Eress, you get a system that already solves this for 9 countries in Europe. Also, you get the know-how and support of 9 countries, when it comes to energy issues. For this you pay no entrance fee. Besides your national adaptations, you just pay for the Eress services that you use and their development. 

How to become a partner

Eress Organisation

Eress is an open partnership of railway infrastructure managers in Europe. 

Together, we are working on a transparent and standardised way to invoice energy to train companies across Europe. This is achieved through the development, implementation, and supply of the energy settlement solution called Erex.

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Eress Community

Eress works in all relevant standardisation groups

Eress collaborates with DG Move (EU Commission) and is actively working in all international standardisation groups. We follow all latest standards and EU requirements, like:

  • EN50463-2017
  • IRS 90930


In addition, Eress certifies all Energy Metering and Data Collecting Suppliers able to connect to Eress Exchange Service. Get in touch if you are interested in getting involved in these standardisation groups or in Eress certificates.

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Eress Forum

Our annual conference for spreading knowledge within railway energy.

Eress Forum is an annual conference held to discuss and share the latest in railway energy news from European regulators, decision-makers, and a variety of energy efficiency and metering experts.

The forum has been organised since 2009 and gathers infrastructure managers, vehicle keepers and train companies across Europe, as well as representatives from EU, DG Move, ERA, CER, and UIC. Eress Forum is the ideal place to network with potential customers and partners, as well as exchange experiences and knowledge surrounding the railway energy market.

Eress Forum is the intersection point where energy and railway meet. It is organised every year to share the latest regulatory, technical, and market related developments of the industry.

As we learn to adapt to the new political and technological challenges ahead, we also need to pave the way forward.


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