Presentations archive

NEW CENELEC Technical Specification on battery trains

  • New CENELEC TSI Battery Trains

    Bart Van der Spiegel

Eress Energy Metering (EMS) & Driving Advisory Systems (DAS) Day

  • Driver Advisory Systems for punctuality, energy saving and range extension

    Thorsten Bomke
  • ÖBB EMS Day

    Marin Zwetkow
    Eva Kozak
  • Eress Connect certification

    Claudia van Diermen Jacobsen
    Dag Storhaug
  • Energy Metering for Railways

    Ghislaine Re
  • A DCS for Energy Efficiency Projects

    Francesco Sperotto
  • GreenSpeed Driver Advisory System

    Martin Andersen
    Mohammed Sabbaghian
  • How EMS application may help to improve energy efficiency and sustainability

    Valter Lovati
    Alessandro Borselli

Eress Forum 2023

  • Eress News

    Dyre Martin Gulbrandsen
    Dyre Martin Gulbrandsen
    CEO Eress
  • Luxembourg running on track

    Henri Werdel
    Director Gestion Infrastructure
  • EU TSI Update

    Keir Fitch
    Head of Unit European Union
    DG Move
    Enno Wiebe
    Tecnical Director
  • Eress statistics and Eress connect certificate

    Adrian Peter
  • The new Exchange of energy data in Eress

    Gunn-Helene Krogstad
  • Latest from the IRS 90930

    Daniele Arena
  • Environment and European Railway Energy Statistics 2023

    Raimondo Orsini
    Sustainable Foundation
  • Eress Forum Workshop