Infraestruturas de Portugal (IP) Joins Eress as its 10th Partner

Oslo, 6th. of June 2024 – Eress, The European organisation that works promoting and standardising energy collaboration among Railway Infrastructure Managers, is proud to announce that Infraestruturas de Portugal will join the partnership as its 10th member.

Portugals’ Railway Infrastructure Manager, IP, will join Eress from January 1st, 2025. With this, Eress consolidates itself as the standardised solution for exchanging and settling of railway energy in Europe. IP will start working together with the 9 other countries that benefit from Eress collaboration.

"We are delighted to welcome Infraestruturas de Portugal as our 10th partner," says Dyre Martin Gulbrandsen, Director of Eress. "IP’s commitment to fulfil EUs’ railway energy deadlines aligns perfectly with Eress standardisation work. Together, we will share best practices, and tackle the challenges facing our industry. To mark this milestone for Eress partnership, our annual Eress Forum takes place on June 20th, in Portugal."

If you are interested in participating in Eress Forum, please check the agenda here.

Infraestruturas de Portugal is the public company that manages roads and railways infrastructures. Through a full collaboration with Eress and its partners, IP aims to enhance a standardised solution for invoicing energy for train operators running in the Portuguese rail network.

"We are excited to join Eress and be able to cooperate with other infrastructure managers, to ensure our main goal:  transparent energy invoices in Europe," says Marco Santos, the representative of IP at Eress. "Together, we promote a fair competition in the railway sector, creating a lasting value for society."

Eress looks forward to the involvement of Infraestruturas de Portugal along with the impact of its growing number of partners in Europe. By working together, they will continue to lead the way, inspiring others to work join Eress for the sake of the railway sector.

About Eress: Eress is an open Organisation of Infrastructure Managers in Europe. Together, we work to achieve standardisation of railway energy across borders, ensuring that train infrastructure managers are transparently and correctly invoiced.  

About Infraestruturas de Portugal: Infraestruturas de Portugal is responsible for managing and developing Portugal's transportation networks, including roads and railways. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, IP plays a vital role in shaping the country's infrastructure landscape.


June 06 2024