Eress Energy Metering (EMS) & Driving Advisory Systems (DAS) Day

In this session, onboard railway energy was in focus. Energy Metering System Suppliers and Driver Advisory System Suppliers showed us their latest news about their solutions and how they can help Train Companies and Infrastructure Managers measuring and tuning energy efficiency efforts. 

Eress Energy Metering (EMS) & Driving Advisory Systems (DAS) Day


  • Driver Advisory Systems for punctuality, energy saving and range extension

    Thorsten Bomke
  • ÖBB EMS Day

    Marin Zwetkow
    Eva Kozak
  • Eress Connect certification

    Claudia van Diermen Jacobsen
    Dag Storhaug
  • Energy Metering for Railways

    Ghislaine Re
  • A DCS for Energy Efficiency Projects

    Francesco Sperotto
  • GreenSpeed Driver Advisory System

    Martin Andersen
    Mohammed Sabbaghian
  • How EMS application may help to improve energy efficiency and sustainability

    Valter Lovati
    Alessandro Borselli